Avoid Expensive Boiler Repair Costs in London

avoid expensive boiler repairs

How to Avoid Expensive Boiler Repair

It’s never guaranteed, but if your boiler has been installed professionally and serviced annually then you will probably avoid expensive boiler repair costs for at least the first 5 years of the boilers life…

When installed by an accredited installer such as Delta Plumbing, the boiler manufacturer offer up to 10 years boiler manufactures warranty, rather than the standard 5 year that comes with the boiler. This covers you for any parts & labor for any repairs needed on the boiler, and as long as the boiler is serviced every year, and the repair is not beyond economical repair, then they will replace any parts required within the warranty period.

The issue is… Not everyone services their boiler, every year. So, what else can you do to avoid expensive boiler repair if your boiler installation has no warranty? Well, there are a few things…

1) – Service your boiler once a year.

The best way to avoid expensive boiler repairs is by servicing your boiler every year. You keep in line with the boiler manufactures warranty, and therefore all parts and labor for any repairs needed will be covered under warranty, all you have to do is pay for a service. But if you are out of warranty, this is still a good idea as a professional service from a gas safe engineer will prolong the life of the boiler and keep it in top working condition.

boiler service repairs

2) – Consider Installing a smart thermostat to increase efficiency.

Smart thermostats such as Nest, Hive, Honeywell, and a lot more offer a smart and effective way to save energy without doing anything. You can monitor your exact usage from a smartphone app and some systems even learn your daily temperature routines and optimize your settings for maximum efficiency. Contact us for a quote on installations.

nest thermostat installation enfield service

3) – Consider Installing thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves are great, as they adjust each radiators individual pressure relative to the room its in, these are important as you may have a thermostat on the wall in the hallway, but in the small bedroom if your radiator does not have a thermostatic valve then it will continue to output maximum heat even when the room is up to temperature. So by installing a thermostatic radiator valve you can turn down the temperature on the radiators in the rooms you barely use.

avoid expensive boiler repairs thermostati radiator valve

4) – Consider Installing Magnet filter

Installing a magnet filter will protect your boiler system by providing added protection, a magnet filter is added onto the return pipework to your boiler system which filters and collects all the rust and debris in the central heating system before it goes into the boiler. This is then cleaned out every year on the service, if you haven’t got one, its definitely worth considering as they

5) – Consider installing a Limescale reducer or water softener.

If you live in London, or anywhere in the south of England, Hard water is a big problem throughout the household plumbing and often leads to expensive boiler repairs, as most common faults are traced back down to limescale blockages or damage. On all new boiler installations, we install an inline scale reducer which is available from around £40. These offer slight protection by filtering the cold water that passes through them before it goes into the boiler. But for a really effective solution to eliminating the limescale throughout your home, you should consider installing a water softener.

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If you are getting quotations for a new boiler installation you will see that these products have probably been included in the quotations, they all have their individual benefits and are highly recommended with all new boiler installations.

For more information on pricing and costs for new boiler installations, get a free quote from Delta Plumbing today.