A Guide to the Costs of Boiler Repair

With winter just around the corner, it is good time to see if your home is properly heated. A boiler has to undergo unusual amounts of stress during winters, that is why it is good idea to assess its proper functioning beforehand. If you are uncertain about boiler repair consider the following.

Do You Even Need Repairs?

You may not be aware of the different signs that suggest a faulty boiler therefore it is good idea to invite a Gas Safe engineer to perform a complete check-up. Engineers charge by the hour for their diagnostic services and these charges independent of repair costs.

Repair or Replace?

Often boilers can be repaired by simply replacing faulty parts. The engineer you invite should be able to guide you properly. However, it is also possible that boiler repair is not appropriate and you should look into replacing the boiler altogether. For example:-

  • The Age of the Boiler:-
    • If your boiler is more than 5 years old and its warranty period has expired then it’s worth considering a new boiler rather than repairing it. A boiler beyond its warranty period will start to fail and become expensive to run.
  • The Condition of Expensive Parts:-
    • Repairing should be suitable only if expensive parts such as heat exchanger, pump, fan or PCB are in good condition.
  • The cost of getting the boiler fixed:-
    • If the cost of boiler repair exceeds £ 500 with no warranty then it’s time to consider a replacement.

Making a decision about boiler repair can be difficult, that is why you should leave it only qualified engineers. Get in touch with Delta Plumbers today for all your boiler repair needs.

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