Energy Concerns for Boiler Installation London

How Efficient Is your Boiler?

Usually, you only find out that your boiler is not working properly only when it is put under unusual stress. This happens either when there is a sudden increase in the hot water usage and/or during the extreme winters. In both cases, people hurry into a boiler installation London and leave out some very important details such as the size of the boiler, the brand, the type and most importantly energy ratings. To avoid buying the wrong kind of boiler, it is a good idea to have some idea of the different energy ratings available for boilers today.

It is a known fact that central heating contributes to a big portion of energy costs in most homes. To be more precise central heating is 50% to 60% of the entire energy bill and the type of boiler you use has a huge impact on this cost. Most new A-Rated Condensing Boilers are capable of minimising your fuel waste to almost 10% making them 90% efficient. On the other hand, old and inefficient boilers take your fuel waste upwards of 30% leaving behind only 70% efficiency.

Before you prepare yourselves for a new boiler installation London it is important to remember that it is now a regulation that all new gas boilers installed in domestic homes must have an efficiency rating of at least 92%.

Efficiency Ratings:-

Under the current Energy Related Products directive all boiler manufacturers are required to label their products with ratings that range from A++ to G based on their efficiency, G being the least efficient. Efficiency ratings beyond 90% are categorised with an A, ratings beyond 98% are given A+ rating and an efficiency rating beyond 125% is given an A++ rating.

Category B and C boilers are capable of 82% and 75% efficiency, respectively. D, E and F category boilers are capable of 36%, 34% and 30% efficiency respectively. All boilers that fall below 30% efficiency are given a G ratings making them worst kind of boilers to invest in.

Most condensing boilers come with a rating of A or B and waste the lowest amount of fuel as compared to older models. The benefits of a new boiler installation London also involve:-

* Saving money on running costs due to increased efficiency.

* Annual bills may be reduced by up to £230.

* An old G category boiler will waste 30p for every 1£ you spent on heating your home.

Finding the right boiler is a difficult task. However, if you can get in touch with experts who not only specialise in boiler installation London but can be trusted to the provide the best possible services and advice at the most affordable price, the process becomes very easy. If you are looking for such services you are more than welcome to get in touch with Delta Plumbing right away

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