Dose your Boiler Installation come with a Guarantee or Warranty?

Understand the Difference

There are many variables that go into the decision making process of finalising a new boiler, for example the type of boiler, the size of the household and of course the budget. When so much is going on people tend to pay less attention to the after sales services offered by a particular boiler brand. Furthermore, we are divided on whether to go for a warranty or guarantee and frankly some of us don’t even know the difference. It is important to understand the difference between a warranty or guarantee offered for a new boiler installation London and here is why.

What is the difference between a Guarantee or Warranty?

The main difference between a guarantee and a warranty is that guarantees are usually free whereas a warranties are policies that usually include a premium for cover much like the an insurance. The good thing about a guarantee is that it is legally binding and adds to your rights under consumer law.

Furthermore, warranties sometimes only cover certain parts of a product. For example, when you buy a new car parts like brake pads and tyres are not covered under the warranty terms and conditions. The warranty offered for a boiler installation London may not cover certain parts as well.

Is it better to have a guarantee or warranty?

Having a guarantee for your boiler is always suitable because you are guaranteed to have your boiler fixed within the guarantee period but you are not guaranteed to have it fixed within the warranty period.

With any kind of warranty or guarantee it is important that you review the terms and conditions and try to follow the recommended operational instructions. If you need guidance with regards to a new boiler installation London, feel free to get in touch with the experts at Delta Plumbing.

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