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How to prevent a boiler breakdowns - Delta Plumbing

How to prevent a boiler breakdowns


Boiler breakdowns are always annoying, we never expect them and they happen usually at the worst time in the middle of winter midway through a shower. But if we actually looked after our boiler these things are far less likely to happen, yet allot of people still do not carry our yearly services.

Here are 5 simple tricks you can use to keep your boiler in good condition and increase its efficiency, lifetime and running costs.

1- Lag your pipes

Lagging your pipes simply is a term for insulating your pipes with standard pipe insulation you can purchase from any plumbing merchant or DIY store for cheap. Its straight forward to do, and there are tools available that will help you do a clean cut job that’s Instagram worthy.

2 – Smart Thermostat 

Smart thermostats are now required on every new combi boiler installation and its easy to see why. Not only do they offer complete control over your heating from anywhere via mobile access, but they constantly monitor your usage and over time adjust your settings to perfectly suit your lifestyle. So if your to busy to check the thermostat every few hours like most of us, these smart devices are highly recommended.

View our post on The Top 10 Smart Heating Thermostats available

3 – Keep The Pressure Up

All central heating systems rely on water pressure to operate properly, and most combi boilers should be set to a pressure of 1 – 1.5 bar. The pressure shouldn’t need to be adjusted frequently, if your loosing pressure quick there is a problem.. But overtime (approx 6 months – 1 year) you may loose a slight amount of pressure.. and it will need topping up.

4 – The power of Power Flushing

Its inevitable that overtime, sludge will build up within your boiler system naturally from the rusting of radiators and other components. Power flushing will clean out all radiators and and pipework in your central heating system and is done using a power flush machine, large magnet filters and attention to detail. This process allows you to get the maximum heat at a lower energy cost and also helps extend the life of your boiler.

5 – Service Your Boiler

Getting a gas safe engineer to carry out a full boiler service annually is the best way to ensure your boiler warranty stays valid and that its operating at its maximum efficiency. We carry out yearly boiler services for all types of boiler systems in residential and commercial property around London from £90 inc. VAT. Contact our team today to book in your engineer.

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