Top 4 Must have Plumbing Products in 2020

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Must Have Plumbing Products in 2020

So the new year has come, and we are officially in a smart home age where everything is controlled via app and face recognition cameras let us in. And then there’s plumbing… but don’t be fooled! We have some crazy plumbing products that you will want in your house this year.

We have reviewed over many of the top most popular plumbing related products to bring you the ultimate plumbing products you want in your house in 2019.

Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves – Almost everyone has TRV’s on there radiators by now.. They were a big things like.. 10 years ago… but now its time for the new generation of thermostatic radiator valves. Smart TRV’s. There are many on the market but our favorites is:

Honeywell Evo Home –  Check Price on Amazon


Water Softener – Probably the most under rated product you could install in your property. No body bigs up water softeners because if more people had them there would be less work… as things wouldn’t go wrong all the time.. Invest in a good quality water softener for your home and protect your boiler, and all your appliances from limescale.

Professional Water Softener Installation – Contact us for a Free Quote

Dualflo water softener installation

Instant Hot & Cold Water Tap – Did you know, you could get a tap with 4 different types of water coming out, instead of your standard 2 (hot and cold). Add boiling hot water and clean filtered drinking water, all from 1 tap.

Installation of 4 way tap – Contact us for a Free Quote


Super Pressure Shower Head – If you have a traditional gravity system and your pressure isn’t fantastic.. then this will be the best upgrade you have ever done for the money. Even if you have good pressure.. Upgrading your standard shower head with a new one will increase your pressure up to 200% and even conserve up to 35% of water usage.

Purchase a shower head online at amazon for less than £10.

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Amazon – £8.99