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Signs That your Boiler Installation London Could Kill You - Delta Plumbing

Signs That your Boiler Installation London Could Kill You

Annually there are many reports of deaths and even more reports of injuries that result from carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK. Carbon Monoxide is odourless gas that if breathed stops oxygen from travelling to your body causing cells and body tissue to fail and die. As little as 2% carbon monoxide in air can cause death in under three minutes. If you are suffering symptoms of food poisoning with no rise in body temperature, it is a good chance that you are experiencing low level poisoning. Your boiler installation London is considered to be biggest risk when assessing the possibilities of accidents resulting from malfunctioning home appliances. That is why it is important that you always be on guard for warning signs of a malfunctioning boiler.

Black Stains near Your Boiler:-

If you can see black stains near your boiler even on the ceiling then there is a good chance that there is leak your airway. As a result of which fumes that should be transported outside are leaking inside. These fumes contain deadly amounts of carbon monoxide. Ignoring such details may be fatal. You should get in touch with professionals to assess the condition of your boiler installation London.

Strange Smells:-

Carbon Monoxide is otherwise odourless. However, if is being released in your environment after not being burnt properly you will experience a strange faint smell. If it is the case in your home then you should not hesitate to get your boiler checked by an expert.

Heavy Condensation:-

If you are seeing heavy amounts of condensation where the boiler is installed then it is a sign that boiler is not being vented properly as water is one of the by-products of combustion. If exhaust gases are not leaving your home then they will eventually leak into your home. This means that carbon monoxide is also leaking into your home. Apart from getting an expert to examine your boiler, you should also make sure that you have fully functioning carbon monoxide alarms in every room in your house.

Combi Boiler Pilot Light frequently blows out or changes colour:-

A pilot light is a small glass flame that remains lit all the time and is used for igniting the gas when needed. A special sensor is put in place to monitor if the pilot is lit or not. If it is not lit then the sensor sends a signal to cut the gas flow so that it doesn’t spread in your home. If your pilot is blowing out frequently then it’s a sign that the gas isn’t fully burning. If your pilot light is changing colour from blue to having a yellow tip then this shows the lack of oxygen and excess of carbon monoxide.

Problems with your boiler installation London should not be ignored under any circumstances. You can get in touch with Delta Plumbers today for expert services at an affordable rate.

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