Tips Before Installing Vertical Radiators

tips for installing vertical radiator

Tips Before Installing Vertical Radiators

A few things to know before installing vertical radiators..

As we advance into 2020, more and more modern properties are being built and refurbished and the range of modern radiators available on the market is huge, with vertical radiators being a popular choice. And why not, they look great!

You would think choosing a vertical radiator over a horizontal may be as simple as a straight swap, but there are some considerations that you must take into account if you are in the market for a vertical radiator.

Here are a few tips to know before installing vertical radiators to help you out.

1 – They might not produce as much heat as a standard radiator.

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When looking for new radiators it’s important to check the BTU heat output of the radiator to make sure it’s enough to cover the

heat loss of the room it’s in. Most standard vertical radiators often offer less BTU heat output than your standard compact radiator. The issue with installing vertical radiators is that they look great and offer a good radiant heat output, but the convectional heat output isn’t as good as a standard compact radiator. Although there are vertical radiators that offer a good BTU output. You need to check the specifications to make sure.

You can use an online BTU calculator to work out the BTU requirement of your room, and then make sure you buy a radiator above the BTU requirement… we ussualy recommend atleast 15% above the required.

2 – Be Prepared for Extra Pipework


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If you’re replacing a standard horizontal radiator with a new vertical radiator, then the pipework will need to be altered. If the pipework comes from the floor, and the floorboards can be lifted, this would be the best option to alter pipework below and bring pipes up nice and straight. What’s even better is having the pipework coming from the wall, but this requires a lot more work.  But anything is possible, it all comes down to finding a good plumbing service you can trust to carry out the job to a professional standard for a competitive price… hmm I wonder who… 😉

3 – Are your walls strong enough?

wall fixing vertical radiator installationVertical radiators tend to be chosen because of their fantastic adaptability. If you have a small space on the wall in the kitchen, why not install a vertical radiator? It will act as a feature on the wall and provide more heat throughout the home. But its important to note that these radiators must be wall-mounted and your wall must be strong enough to hold the weight of the new radiator. Good fixings are crucial when fitting radiators and if you are not competent it’s best to seek professional help when installing.

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