Top 5 Power Tools For Plumbers

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Top 5 Power Tools For Plumbers

A Selection of the Most Useful Power Tools For Plumbers

When it comes to plumbing, traditional methods worked for years but with new technology available these days jobs can be done a lot easier with the correct power tools for plumbers. And when it comes to power tools… we all love a good tool. But what power tools actually make life easier for plumbers? Check out our list below of 5 plumbing tools for plumbers and see what you think.

Drill Set

Any tradesmen would probably agree the number power tool they use is their drill set… and any good tradesmen will know that you need both the impact driver and the combi drill to have a decent workflow on the job. We’ve selected the Makita Set as they offer a wide range of products at an affordable cost.

Amazon – £289

Screwfix – £300

Power Tools for Plumbers

Multi-Tool (oscillating tool)

This oscillating multi-tool will save you in a lot of sticky situations, with the ability to almost any plumbing pipe besides cast iron, this is definitely a power tools for plumbers and should be in every tradesmen tool kit. These come in a variety of styles but they all generally do the same thing, but these tools are only as good as the blades. So don’t skip on a good blade.

Amazon – £89

Screwfix – £90

Power tools for plumbers


The standard Grinder will cut through almost anything on the job and is definitely an essential power tool for plumbers. Its often used to cut boiler flues or cut steel pipe and even chase out a wall or sand something down, with a huge range of blades available on the market the grinder can be used for all types of applications and definitely worth adding to the tool bag.

Amazon – £98.70

Screwfix – £100

makita grinder power tools for plumbers

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is pretty much an electric hacksaw… this Makita reciprocating saw has 2 modulating triggers to control the speed of the saw, and fits a range of blades available on the market. This tool can be used to cut metal pipe, plastic pipe, wood, and a range of other things… It’s not an essential power tool for plumbers as long as you got your hacksaw in the van… but it’ll save you a lot of time and energy if your doing a lot of cutting.

Amazon – £87.95

Screwfix – £60

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Milwaukee Tube Cutter

Milwaukee has truly innovated the plumbing industry with this new electric tube cutter that makes copper tube cutting quicker and easier than ever. This tool is our plumbers favorite cutting tool and definitely recommended to any plumbers out there carrying out 1st and 2nd fix plumbing installations as this will speed up your work load. It cuts pipe from 12mm to 28mm without having to change anything!

Amazon – £115

Screwfix – £120

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